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Wesense offers a variety of tools and apps for making cameras and videos smarter. Feel free to try out the demos. If your business requires a custom app for your own video processing requirements, please reach out on this page

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Aisle sense Features

Cloud Compression and Storage

Gone are the limits of your DVR/NVR storage capacities of 30/60/90 days. Use your own cloud and store unlimited videos with AI compression techniques which removes the non important parts from a video with your own dashboard.

Journey Path

As a subset of behavioral analytics, path analysis is a way to understand user behavior in order to gain actionable insights into the data. Path analysis provides a visual portrayal of every event a user or cohort performs as part of a path during a set period of time.

Heat-Map Analysis

Using wesense heatmaps, you can gather more accurate customer or employee behavior data in relation to store layouts and customer purchasing decisions, build better planograms and position products to increase overall revenue for your business.

Zone Analysis

Today a camera records various areas inside your premise. What if you could get deep insights about specific zones that you can draw on the video frame directly. Zone analysis is one of our key features which helps you find dwell times, repeat visitors and staff activity with browsing behaviour inside specific zones. You can add as many zones as you need through the wesense dashboard.

Dwell time Analysis

Customer or Employee dwell analysis makes it possible to measure where in the store shoppers and employees stop and engage, Measure the length of time spent in different areas of the store across cameras. Your business can use dwell time analysis to determine general strategies for product placement and merchandising. Measure effectiveness of marketing displays, therefore increase ROI on advertising investment.

Across Camera Tracking

Wesense enables multi camera tracking so that a person has a single view across cameras. We use state-of-the-art reidentification AI to understand how the same person moves from one camera to the other, thereby unlocking huge potential in understanding people behaviour.

Reports and Dashboard

People Analytics Dashboard

Understand your prime customers or employees using our analytics dashboard which can be customized according to your specific business needs. The dashboards that come out of the box provide path analysis, dwell time analysis, repeat visitor analysis, demographic analysis and many more. All dashboards come with a secure login that can be integrated with LDAP and has access control with groups built-in.

Retail Specific Report

Answer all your questions about stores across the country in a single place. Now you can get answers to things like What demographics of visitors are attracted to your store ? Are they influencing the purchase made at the store ? How long they spend inside the store ? Which category/ department they browsed, interested or engaged ? How are they treated by your store executives ? And many more.