Everything you need to measure, understand
and act on visitor data in your retail stores.

Know your stores like never before by having
accurate visitor data at your fingertips.

Traffic sense

Know: Individual visitors and group walk-in count calculated hourly. Age and Gender demographics of visitors. Peak Hours across day and week.

Customer sense

Know: Unique visitor intelligence specific to your business. For eg: how many visitors were wearing glasses?

Aisle sense

Know: In which department/aisle are your visitors spending the most time? which path is most commonly taken? Which spots are most under-utilised?

Ad sense

Know: which ads capture more attention, further segregated by gender. Where should you place the ads to get most visibility?

Traffic sense 3.0

Currently, in its 3rd iteration, Traffic sense is a must-have for all retail stores - big or small.

It gives you accurate insight into number of visitors walking into your stores and visitor demographics.

Know your store better.

  • Individual walk-in count
  • Group walk-in count
  • Age distribution of visitors
  • Gender distribution of visitors
  • Peak hours across day and week
  • Comparison across stores

Be able to answer questions like..

  • How many visitors walked into my stores today?
  • Am I gaining or losing visitors? Is there a growth or dip in store visitors since last week/month?
  • Should I display more merchandise that appeal to male or female visitors?
  • Did my marketing campaign work? Has there been an increase in the intended audience that I targeted with the campaign?
  • Which stores have shown good performance in attracting visitors? Is it one-off event or do these stores perform well regularly?
  • Which stores have a poor conversion rate? How are these stores doing compared to others?
  • Which days and hours can I expect more visitors and hence have more store staff ready to attend them?
  • When do I usually see less store visitors and can allow store staff to take some time off?