Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Clear Health solution comprises of a device and a dashboard. Device is used to check the compliances and the dashboard is used to track the same. On activating the device, the details of the compliances can be obtained in the dashboard.
You can get started with the AttendanceSense dashboard upon integrating the solution at your workplace. Live tracking and reporting features are available through the dashboard. We have recently included remote logins to facilitate work from home and field-sales reporting.
You can reach out to us directly through our contact page or by sending a mail to, our sales team will assist you. Orders can also be placed through our dedicated partners.
Our remote support executives are reachable during working hours. We are just a mail/call away for any assistance required. We suggest dropping a mail to with the detailed description of the problem/query so that the resolution happens effectively.
CCTV cameras supporting RTSP protocols, a local system (Desktop/Laptop) with decent configuration and an internet connection of 2+ MBPS are required to integrate the solution. Proper positioning and lighting condition are recommended to get the best outcome. This solution is integrated in the existing camera network, and hence, no additional hardware is required.
Once, the infrastructure readiness (as mentioned above) is achieved, our operations team will remotely install the solution and help you integrate the same in your local CCTV network. This process takes roughly 10-15 mins, upon which your store can be live on the TrafficSense dashboard.
Yes. Multiple locations can be added to one account. Store-specific information as well as centralized reports can be obtained from the same account.
Functionality alerts and customized alerts are sent in real-time via mail/SMS to the respective admins. User type can be managed, and groups can be created through our user management module.
The output data/analysis is provided in through the centralized dashboard and alerts. Data can be downloaded in terms of reports and can be viewed directly on the dashboard screen.
The data will be processed and stored for a dedicated time frame in the cloud. We store the data for 1 to 4 months, depending on the customer requirement.
We strictly adhere to GDPR aspects and are privacy compliant by design. No sensitive data is shared with any third party and no data is captured without the consent of the user.Data specific to customers visiting the stores are anonymized and presented in an aggregate to make it impossible to trace back the identity of any individual.Additional security guidelines are followed by our cloud storage partner Google as they double protect the data through our SLA agreement.